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Hard Lemonade Recipe

Hard Lemonade is a refreshing and sweet summer drink that will maintain a nice buzz throughout the night. This recipe is a mix between Mike Hard’s Lemonade and Long Island Iced Tea. (The former being entirely ineffective and the latter being the easiest way to sink your ship.)


  • Country Time Lemonade Powder
  • Fresca
  • Vodka (brand of your choice!)
  • Water, preferably cold
  • A container or a bowl, depending on your class
  • Pour 4 cups (1 quart) of water into the container
  • Use the Country Time container to measure 1 quarter’s worth of powder, pour into container
  • Pour 2 (or 3) cups of Fresca into container
  • Pour vodka – a lot of vodka
  • Shake well and serve with ice cubes
Of course, take the liberty to adjust certain steps. I personally like to use a little more of the powder so my drink is sweeter. The powder and soda shouldn’t cost more than $5 and they make well over ten drinks. This recipe is cost effective and delicious!






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