Last day at Club Monaco

As much as I would have liked to continue at Club Monaco, I decided that this Friday was an appropriate time to step down to an inactive associate. I met with the General Manager last week and told her that I lost my apartment and that I haven’t finalized my fall semester yet. She was concerned, but I assured her that everything will be fine and that I’ll return in a few weeks and give them my fall availability. I didn’t actually lose my apartment, but I never extended my stay at NYU, so I am staying with a friend for the next two weeks until I go home. (I had planned to explain that to her, but when I sat down, I broke into dramatics. Whoops.) Despite saying otherwise, I will not be returning in the fall, but I do want to return during the holidays and over winter break.

This is our poster downstairs of employees trying on the new collection. (Yes, that pink and blue stripped sweater is real and it looks ten times worse in person.) I want to say that I’ve grown to love some of these people and that they’ve changed me as a person, but they haven’t. I was only there for a month. They are who they are; some are nice, some aren’t. But each one is there for a reason. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of coworkers to make me love their company and to think of a hundred ways to murder them. There’s also a feeling of bittersweet liberation on your last day, in which I took the honors of subtly calling one of the managers an anal bitch.

If all else in my life fails, it is nice to know that I could do this for a living.


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