Clubbed at Club Monaco

Clubbing is a term used for both baby seals and the act of clubbing in (or out) of Club Monaco. You are required to “club in” at work by telling them what you are wearing that is club. At the end of your shift, you have to “club out” and sign off on the Club Sheet, which they do a check to see if any Club Monaco clothes have been added, or taken off. It’s a simple theft prevention measure.

Club Monaco changes stock every four weeks. New items are released, older items are placed in sale, and then sale items are removed and either transferred out or rot away in the stock room. Employees are given two days, the first paycheck after the stock change, to purchase new items and sale items. The employee discount is increased for the event and employees are expected to buy the store out.

I went to the Club Monaco flagship on Fifth Avenue on Thursday to start my spending. They are known for their huge mens sale section so I figured I’d hit them up first. I grabbed about thirty items, so every sales associate was up my ass in efforts to snag my sale. (“Hey! I’m Minn Let me know if-” “I know your name is Minn. You’ve already said it three times.”) I tried them on, loved them. Brought them all to the register.

“It is the employee sale today, right?” “Yes. Are you corporate?” “Uh, no. I work at Prince.” She calls and confirms that I work there and then processes my order. The total before discount: $550. After discount: $150. I take my bag and head to my store to grab some deals that I saw earlier in the week. Went downstairs into the stock room and scoured whatever was left for anything that looked decent. Most of which were from two flips ago, so they were even cheaper than the current sale items. My total before discount: $180. After discount: $40. I grabbed ten items for $190 – an average of $19 a piece. Two of the sweaters alone are $200 at retail. I spent $190 on $740 worth of clothes.

I can’t wait to do this again next month!


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