Regis and Kelly: Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

One of my best friends is an intern at Live! with Regis and Kelly, so he offered two tickets for Monday’s show to me and our best friend. Live’s website said that Rupert Grint was going to be there on Monday, and since it is pretty much Harry Potter week, I thought it’d be fun to go.

After waiting in line for about an hour, we start to head into the packed studio. Nearly every seat was taken except for two reserved seats in the front row and then ones all the way in the back. My friend, the intern, tells us that we can take the reserved seats. They were reserved for a producer’s friends, but they weren’t able to come. So we took the reserved front row seats – ten feet from Regis and Kelly.

The show loves to have giveaways and vacation getaways and other crazy things, so a random person in Ohio was called to be a contestant. She had to answer some absurd question in twenty seconds and then she wins a trip to Saint Lucia. She also picks a number – between 1 and 143 – and the corresponding audience member wins a small prize (usually Omaha steak). But, today, $500 worth of lobster was the audience prize.

Regis and Kelly call her, ask her the question, and she nails it without hesitation. I look down at my audience number, 104, and consider passing it to the couple behind me because I don’t want to even have the slightest chance of winning. You are supposed to jump up and down and scream and go crazy. And I don’t do that. I decide to just keep it as for I had a relatively low chance of winning. “I’ll go with my favorite number!” the lady says, excitedly. I figured that it’ll be 4, 13, her birthday, anything logical and smaller than 30. “104!”

I didn’t jump up and down. I didn’t act surprised. Audience members were shouting to stand up, so I stand up, show my number and just smile. (Come to think of it, I could have played the foreigner card and pretended to not understand anything.) But, either way, I won $500 worth of free lobster.

Some guest star from The Closer was there. She wasn’t that interesting. Then Rupert Grint came on. He was far larger than I expected. He had an awkward body shape, too. I didn’t think that Hollywood would let him get away with that many pounds at his age, but he seems to get away with it. The show ended and it was great, but then they announced that they were pretaping another celebrity and that if we had to leave, we could, but otherwise just stick around while Regis and Kelly change.

Twenty minutes later, the wonderful Emma Watson is announced and the crowd went wild. So I had the chance to take some awesome photos of Emma Watson and see her in person! She was great. Very enjoyable to watch and be within ten feet of!

The set was awesome to see in person. I literally sat right behind the camera crew and watched them maneuver the cameras and switch shots. The set actually looks a little old in that the floor has scrapes and the rug is worn down and the chairs are chipped, but once a camera takes a shot, it looks amazing. I am thoroughly impressed with the set and the work that the crew puts into it.

I would gladly return for another episode. It was a great experience to see celebrities, be in the first row, win the lobster, and just generally have a blast on a Monday morning! It is one of those things that tourists take over, but New Yorkers are allowed to have fun, too!


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