Tiny Tower Guide

A coworker told me about Tiny Tower last week and I have been hooked ever since. It is a dinky little iPhone game where you have a tower and each floor is either residential, service, recreation, food, and something else that I can’t be bothered to remember. You have little Bitizens that live and work there. You have an elevator where you can endlessly shuttle people up and down. It sounds crazy, but it is addicting and fun.

Seven months ago, I started playing Tap Zoo and I thought of making a guide for it. I waited months on end, and then TapZooGuide.com was created by someone else. So I waited too long and lost the perfect domain name. I figured that it would have been a great opportunity to load the site up with ads and make money off of my addiction. After playing Tiny Tower for a few days, I decided that I was going to milk this game instead.

Bought the domain, TinyTowerGuide.com, for $15. Redirected the nameservers to point to my server to avoid the 2-3 day DNS registration/lag and paying for a monthly hosting subscription. I created a basic layout in CSS. Not looking for anything special. I want it to be clean and simple to use. I started playing the game on my iPod, too, to log data that I am either too far in or cannot access through my iPhone’s game. I started around 7PM last night and I already have had 100 unique visitors.

If it flops, it flops. No big deal. But here’s hoping that it is successful.


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