Zaro’s Bakery

The Hudson lines pour into the upper 20s and lower 30s tracks at Grand Central. Right around the bend is a quaint, but bustling, bakery: Zaro’s Bakery. I found this bakery years ago when I first started to come to the city on my own. I would idly walk around the terminal to kill time until my train departed. I found a few places, but Zaro’s stuck. It became a habit to negate my hundreds of calories worth of walking and exercise with their delicious and fattening cookies on the way home.

I haven’t gone home much in the past year, so I rarely went to Zaro’s. But on the occasion of heading home at 8AM, I figured it’d be nice to return back. I never came during the morning, so I had no clue what to order, but there was a large assortment of bagels. I was tossed around by morning commuters who barked their orders at the workers until I screamed “I’ll have what she ordered!” in reference to the person before me. I didn’t hear her whole order, but the words I did hear – honey, wheat, and cream cheese – were enough to win me over. I learned that it was a Honey Whole Wheat Bagel when I read the receipt. It was the perfect blend between delicious whole wheat, sweet honey, and cream cheese.

I make it a mission to try new bagel flavors when I am out for breakfast. My family only orders plain and cinnamon raison, so I try to explore and change things up. I highly recommend honey whole wheat to anyone who comes across it!


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